Insightful interview with Jim Struble, President and CEO of Electro Savings Credit Union, on the powerful impact of building a culture first leadership model.

Jim’s Bio: 

I am a passionate believer in “Culture First Management Theory” and put this into practice every day at work and in life. My greatest professional accomplishment will be to help create a workplace that stands out from any others, with those in it living the culture inwardly to each other and outwardly to members, communities, and vendor/partners. 

My personal purpose statement is, “To make a meaningful and positive impact on everyone’s life within my sphere of influence, creating a living legacy of love that inspires others.” I will share my journey of implementing “Culture First Management” and hope to inspire others along the way to critically think about the role of defined cultures in businesses today. And since collaboration is always the secret sauce to success, in turn, I welcome others traveling a similar journey to share their best practices.

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