John Hardesty, General Manager Mortgage Division at Argyle, discusses the benefits of utilizing automated income and employment verification.  

John Hardesty is general manager of mortgage at Argyle, the leading platform for consumer-permissioned payroll connectivity, which gives businesses fast, cost-effective access to real-time income and employment data. Prior to joining Argyle, John was a brand ambassador and primary business partnership contact for Surefire CRM by Black Knight. During his tenure, John enhanced the Surefire platform by facilitating partnerships with 30+ companies. His team focused on building new revenue channels for Surefire while also bringing to market new integrations that would enhance both the borrower and loan officer experience. Beside managing partnerships, John also spent time leading Surefire’s inside sales and business development units. John got his start in the mortgage industry working for Top of Mind Networks. John earned a bachelor of science at The Ohio State University and a masters degree from Kent State University.