Ms. Katics experience of over 25 years spans mature to emerging markets, general macroeconomics to specialized consumer credit risk management analytics. Early career research work at the Federal Reserve Bank (USA) and International Monetary Fund provided a broad perspective and appreciation of emerging market economies. Mid-career project work during 10 years at FICO provided practical opportunities to integrate credit scoring and risk systems, monitoring, and analytics with dynamic business environments. In Standard Chartered, in addition to providing Basel II risk thought leadership, she led risk systems infrastructure efforts across multiple countries. In 2010, Ms. Katics founded BankersLab (, a company which is providing simulation-based training and coaching to the financial sector globally.


Dominique loves taking in the world around her and writing her thoughts on it. Avid library and coffee shop goer, she finds herself wandering city streets up and down the East Coast frequently. When she’s not photographing architecture, she’s probably eating or hiking with her dog, Russell.

With 40 years of business management and leadership experience, Bonnie Ortiz formed O2 Consulting Group in September of 2017 after spending almost a decade as the Chief Operating Officer for The Partnership Federal Credit Union. A recognized expert with a proven track record in operational strategic planning, process improvement and project management and recovery, Bonnie supports clients on their journey to operational maturity and extraordinary performance.

Larry Grant is the managing editor and co-founder of Credit Union Digest. He also co-founded Aurum Consultants, where he has become an internationally recognized author and trusted advisor in strategy design and implementation, organizational transformation, employee engagement, customer experience and performance management. Email:

Morgan studied Film and Television Production at Hofstra University and is the videographer for RedDog Agency. She loves being able to bring stories to life through video.